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Mercury Amalgam Fillings

We personally believe that amalgam fillings pose a health risk to those who have them in their teeth. But we also acknowledge the fact that there is still a controversy, and a debate, as to whether or not enough mercury vapor is released from amalgams to cause, contribute to, or make worse, symptoms/diseases directly or indirectly related to chronic mercury poisoning.


But whether or not amalgams are a health concern isn't the point here, nor is it the focus of our DVD. The DVD does not deal with how the mercury released from an individual's amalgam fillings might affect his or her health. What we are concerned with is the occupational exposure to mercury from the unsafe removal of a patient's amalgam fillings.


The DVD is dedicated to showing you how to minimize the exposure of mercury vapor in the dental office. While there still may be some debate about whether or not amalgam fillings are a health hazard, there's absolutely no controversy about the amount of mercury vapor that is released during the unsafe removal of amalgam fillings at the dental office. In fact, the amount released during the removal procedure can easily be at least 100 times more than is allowed by every regulatory agency! Think about that for a moment!!!


Elemental Mercury: The Facts

  • Most poisonous, naturally occurring non-radioactive substance on earth;
  • Toxic in micrograms;
  • Only metal that is liquid at room temperature;
  • Releases a colorless, tasteless, odorless gas;
  • There is no safe level of mercury;
  • Directly, or indirectly, can contribute to, or make worse, nearly every health issue.



Amalgam Fillings: The Truth

Amalgam Fillings

  • 50% of an amalgam filling is comprised of elemental mercury;
  • Mercury vapor is released from amalgams;
  • The amount of vapor released from amalgams is directly proportional to its temperature;
  • All forms of stimulation that heat amalgams cause vapor to be released.


Types of Amalgam Stimulation and Amount of Mercury Released

Condition/Stimulation *Amount Released: mcg/Hg/m 3 (micrograms/mercury/cubic meter of air)
Extracted : Room Temperature
X Ray Image
In Teeth : Unstimulated
Polishing After Cleaning
Removal (unsafely)

Compare this to other industries using elemental mercury vapor where the regulatory agencies limit exposure range from 25 to 50 mcg/Hg/m3 . There can be no doubt about it - if you want to protect your patients, yourself, your staff, and the environment from unnecessary levels of toxic mercury vapor., then . . . . . . . amalgam fillings must be safely removed!


*(The amount released is an average and can vary depending on many factors, including the number of amalgams involved and the type of amalgam used.)


Of interest here is that the ADA published a report, Dental Mercury Hygiene Recommendations which although doesn't it doesn't go far enough, does show that it supports the concept of mercury safe dentistry. Click Here to read the report.


“Mercury Safe: The Future of Dentistry Today!”



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