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1   Link   ADA's Dental Mercury Hygiene Recommendations
The ADA lists a number of sources of mercury exposure at the dental office, including polishing or removal of amalgam. It also   recommends that all personnel involved in the handling of mercury and dental amalgam be trained in the potential hazards of mercury vapor and the necessity of observing good mercury hygiene. Although limited in scope the ADA does strongly promote mercury-safe dentistry. This is a must read if you are considering doing all you can to minimize occupational exposure to mercury at the dental office.
2   Link   Neurobehavioral effects from exposure to dental amalgam Hgo: new distinctions between recent exposure and Hg body burden
  This study presents convincing new evidence of adverse behavioral effects associated with low mercury exposures within the range of that received by the general population.
3   Link   Behavioral effects of low-level exposure to elemental Hg among dentists
  A study involving 19 dentists showed mercury exposure was significantly associated with deficits in digit span and simple reaction time.
4   Link   Chronic neurobehavioural effects of elemental mercury in dentists
  These results raise the question as to whether the current threshold limit value of 0.050 mg/m3 (TWA) provides adequate protection against adverse effects of mercury.
5   Link   Health and neuropsychological functioning of dentists exposed to mercury
Dentists were significantly more likely than control subjects to have had disorders of the kidney and memory disturbance.
6   Link   Mercury accumulation in tissues from dental staff and controls in relation to exposure
The results revealed high mercury concentrations in pituitaries from the dental staff cases compared to controls.
7   Link   Mercury levels among dental personnel in Israel: a preliminary study
  The results of this study indicate that the urinary mercury levels of the tested dental professionals were significantly higher than those of the control group.
8   Link Mercury vapour levels in dental practices and body mercury levels of dentists and controls
In this study dentists were found to have, on average, urinary mercury levels over 4 times that of control subjects.
9   Link   Mercury levels among dental personnel in Israel: a preliminary study.
  The results indicate that the urinary mercury levels of the tested dental professionals were significantly higher than those of the control group.
10   Link Referenced Scientific Studies on Mercury - with Abstracts
The largest database of references supporting the relationship between mercury & health.
11   Link   BBC
BBC articles related to mercury poisoning.
12   Link   Release of mercury from dental amalgam fillings in pregnant rats and distribution of mercury in maternal and fetal tissues.
  The placement of the single amalgam restoration (3.8--5.5 mg in weight) increased the levels of mercury approximately three to 6 times in the maternal brain, liver, lung, placenta and 20 times in the kidneys.
13   Link   Symptoms and diseases directly related to chronic mercury poisoning
A page on Dr. Tom McGuire's website that lists symptoms and diseases that are directly related to Chronic Mercury Poisoning.
14   Link   Chronic low-level mercury exposure, BDNF polymorphism, and associations with self-reported symptoms and mood.
  These results indicate that among DAs very low levels of occupational Hg degrees exposure are associated with increased symptoms. The BDNF polymorphism is also associated with increased symptom and mood scores.
15   Link   Reproductive effects of occupational exposure to mercury on female workers in China
Occupational exposure to mercury could cause dysfunction of the menstrual period, menstrual cycle, menstrual blood volume, as well as dysmenorrhea for female workers being exposed to mercury and inducing adverse reproductive outcomes, including pregnancy-induced hypertension, stillbirth, low birth weight and birth defects of their offspring.
16   Link Mercury: The Poison in Your Teeth Video
  This video demonstrates that the stimulation of amalgam fillings, via brushing or unsafe removal at the dental office will generate more mercury vapor than is allowed by governmental regulatory agencies.
17   Link   Effect of occupational exposure to elemental mercury in the amalgam on thymulin hormone production among dental staff
  Results show that dentists and dental nurses have significant exposure to mercury vapor and point to the negative impact of mercury on thymus gland functions and confirm the implication that the nitric oxide pathway is a possible mechanism for this impact.
18   Link The effect of occupational exposure to mercury vapor on the fertility of female dental assistants
Women with high occupational exposure to mercury were less fertile than unexposed controls. The fecundability (probability of conception each menstrual cycle) of women who prepared 30 or more amalgams per week and who had five or more poor mercury hygiene factors was only 63% of that for unexposed women (95% CI 42%-96%) after controlling for covariates.
19   Link Occupational exposure to mercury vapour on genotoxicity and DNA repair
Results show that the repair efficiencies for the workers were significantly lower than that of matched controls. In addition, the repair efficiency showed a consistent and significant decrease with the duration of occupational exposure to mercury associated with increase of cytogenetic damage.
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